Almost every day I wait to the last second to do my homework. I know that it is not good thing to do. Sometimes I would wake up and think to my self “why did you not do it earlier”. Sometimes because I do my homework late I forget to do other things or forget to actually bring the homework. Sometimes I do a big project until the last second to finish it and then forget other projects that have to do. I am not happy with my self that I actually do my homework late so I will try in prove that. One day I can’t do that anymore because I will be in trouble not able to finish something because I waited to long

What I just explained was procrastination. did you know that procrastination is viewed as a live style more information click here. Procrastination is when you what to do things the last second or when you say you would d it today you would do it tomorrow. I do that a lot and it is not a healthy think for you. The reason therefore is that you could do things were you could have done better, but you did a okay job like 3 out of 10 when you actually if  your took your time doing it you could of got 8 out of 10. Anther example would be.When I wake up and then I make some food to eat put all the things I need for school in my  bag then I wait to the last possible second to brush my teeth and then leave to school.

Somethings that might help when you are a person that procrastinates you could reward yourself for doing something earlier, Or give them schedule like work then a little break then work again so eventually finishes her/his work.What I usually do is tell my self if you finish you can play video games or hang out with your friends, but I usually don’t do that so I have schedule so i would work then little break then work, and finish my home work.2016-07-12-1468339936-7748616-ProcrastinationNowvsLater.jpg6358868049747624001989172413_procrastinate